Deo Natura Ministries

What I Take: by Bret Lovitz



The following is a list of vitamins, minerals and supplements I take on a regular basis daily. I probably take about 80% of them at the same time, and about 20% is alternated. No asterist (*) means that I take it because it is good for you period, one asterist means I take it just for the diagnosed Prostate Cancer in March 2011, and 2 asterists means I take it for both reasons. Keep in mind that not all alternative treatments work for all people all the time. But I'm trusting in the Lord that one or more of these does what the manufacturer and other people claim it does and is a means for God's healing of the Prostate Cancer.


1. 15,000 iu of Vitamin D3 (10,000 first and 5,000 later)**

2. 6,000 mg of Vitamin C (2,000 synthetic and 1,000 natural first and then again)

3. 200mg of natural Vitamin B12 (about 166,000% of the US RDA).

4. About 5,000% of the US RDA of most of the other B Vitamins. Vitamin B6 is also good for cancer cells.**

5. 50,000 IUs of Vitamin A in the form of Beta Carotene (25,000 twice a day).

6. 400-800 iu of natural Vitamin E once a day most of the time, twice a day sometimes.**

7. Over 3,000 mg (usually 3 gelcaps) of Omega 3-6-9 Fish Oil.

8. Coconut Oil.

9. 12mg of natural Astaxanthin.**

10. 500mg of Laetril/Vitamin B17 (essential ingredient in Apricot seeds).*

11. Cayene Pepper.**

12. 1,000mg of Milk Thistle.

13. 1,200mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid.**

14. 900-1800mg Saw Palmetto.*(Prostate Enlargement)

15. 1,000mg Graviola.*

16. Noni and Cats Paw (I admittedly have trouble taking this daily because it should be take 1/2 hour before or 2 hours after I eat).

17. Multi-Enzyme and Probiotic Digestive formula.*

18. Resveratrol/Wine Extract formula with 120% US RDA synthetic vitamin C.* 

19. Curcumin/Tumeric.**

20. Green Tea Extract.*

21. 200mcg of Selenium.*

22. 20mg of Lycopene.*

23. Beta Sitosterol.* (Prostate Enlargement)

24. 500mg of Magnesium.

25. GliSodin.* 

Occasional raw vegatable/juice weekend juicing fast.

Occasional organic unpasteurized Not-From-Concentrate 100% Grape Juice fast between 8am & 12pm (24oz minimum).

As little of processed cane sugar as possible including dressings, spices, condiments, etc.

Reduced pork, red meats, and dairy.