Deo Natura Ministries

The Dangerous Big Four



Most of the sickness and disease we have are due to not getting the vitamins and minerals in our bodies that we need, and putting unnatural, toxic, and poisonous substances in our bodies that we shouldn't. But out of the reading and research I have been doing for the last few years, three of them seems to stand out as the most popular and therefore dangerous.


1. Cane Sugar: Experts do not even agree whether Cane Sugar was intended a natural food. It's a natural substance, but it could be that it should not be a food or in food. It was one thing when Sugar was used for candy and cookies (and sodas), but today it is not as easy to find a food that doesn't have processed cane sugar or high fructose  corn syrup in it- bread, ketchup, mayonaise, peanut butter, steak sauce, barbecue sauce, flavored snacks, and more. The consumpton of cane sugar is the cause of numerous diseases, and something that cancer cells feed on. It is worth the effort in my opionion, to eliminate as much cane sugar from the diet as possible. And be careful about consuming too much, if any, chemically produced sugar substitutes such as Nutra-Sweet/Equal, Sweet and Low, and Splenda. The natural sweetner Stevia, is more readily available than in the past. Have you tried using that?


2. Sodium Fluoride: It's in our toothpaste, and in most city/county water systems. It is not as safe as certain regulatory agencies and companies has made us think it was. In 2011 a manufacturer of the substance was forced to list all of the harmful affects of the chemical. It can negatively affect our brains, bones and teeth, and is implicated in a dozen of other diseases. Don't just take my word for it, please research this for yourself.


3. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): This is a form of concentrated salt added to food to enhance the flavor. Many restaurants use it, snack food companies, and numerous other processed foods. MSG has been known to affect blood pressure, heart beat, dizziness, depression, anxiety, migraines, mental confusion, seizures, loss of balance, chest pains, and more. To make matters worse, there is deception from some of those who use MSG, because they will just say "Natural Flavoring" on the label so that we don't know whether it is MSG or something else. I enjoy eating out and consuming flavored tortilla chips like many people, just be careful and check this information out for yourself. Use moderation, or perhaps don't eat anything with MSG at all.

4. Aspartame: This is the most popular artificial sweetener that is used in all kinds of diet drinks and foods. It is bad news folks and was not meant to use in so many drinks and foods. Studies not funded by the industry have found that it has side affects ranging from headaches to dizziness to anxiety to memory loss to cancer. Best to avoid this in my opinion. Have you heard of and/or tried the natural sweetener Stevia?